MySQL or MongoDB? What to Choose for your Next Project?

MySQL or MongoDB? What to Choose for your Next Project?:

After working on Small to Large Scale ERP Level Softwares, I felt it very essential to write a guide for all levels of developers to know what kind of database to use in the project they are going to start. There are a number of factors that should be considered before choosing a database and database management system. In this small article, I have tried to cover all the basic things that should be taken into account before choosing a database for the project.

What Are SQL Type Databases?

SQL stands for Sequential Query Language, and it is used to extract the data from the database. SQL become famous in the early 80s and it has been widely used in the large scale organizations for flexibility and excellent features. Learning SQL is not that easy it just takes some basic logic and a clear understanding of what you want to get from the database.

What Are NoSQL Databases?

The NoSQL stands for “Not Only Sequential Query Language”. This is because the NoSQL databases contain other features than simple SQL databases. Those features can be graph creation, document and collection creation, etc. NoSQL databases such as MongoDb and Neo4J are used for a variety of purposes when there is a need for rapid deployment and excellent speed.

Let’s Talk About Difference Between MySQL And MongoDB And When To Use One

Use a Very Specific type of language to abstract data from the database. Provide Excellent Interfaces and Methods to Extract data without writing the Difficult Queries.
MySQL provided the functionality of grouping and functions to get common statistics related to data. MongoDB also provides built-in methods to fetch the very complex statistics and data that in MySQL will take a lot of time.
MySQL provides the facility to implement the Views, Store Procedures, and indexing, in order to make the data transactions very fast and reliable. MongoDB offers fast data manipulation and addition.
MySQL provides an excellent way to handle the associations due to the concept of foreign keys and the concept of unique rows. MongoDB uses two methods to create the Associations, first is the reference type and the other one is the use of foreign key same like that of MySQL database.
MySQL would be a perfect choice for large scale organizations due to its reliability and effectiveness in reports creation. MongoDB is best when there are very few associations as handling associations in MongoDB is not something easy.

Final Words

In this short article, I have tried to throw light on some factors and things that should be considered before choosing the Database for the different sizes of projects.

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