Top 10 Visual Studio Code Extensions for Python in 2020

Top 10 Visual Studio Code Extensions for Python in 2020:

1.Python extension for Visual Studio Code

by Microsoft

First and foremost – the Python plugin for VS Code. Out of the box, there is no support for Python in the VS Code, but when you open a Python file, VS Code will immediately suggest this plugin. It adds all the necessary features like:

  • Syntax highlighting for Python files
  • Intellisense (code-completion suggestions)
  • Ability to start a debugger

2. Bracket Pair Colorizer

by CoenraadS

This extension allows matching brackets to be identified with colors. The user can define which tokens to match, and which colors to use.

3. Better Comments

by Aaron Bond

The Better Comments extension will help you create more human-friendly comments in your code.
With this extension, you will be able to categorize your annotations into, Alerts, Queries, TODOs.

4. Error Lens

by Alexander

Sometimes the error marks in VS Code are hard to spot (especially the “info” hints). If you don’t wrap lines, it’s even worse – the error can be in the part of the code not visible on the screen.
That’s why I’m using Error Lens. It lets me modify how the errors should be displayed. It can display the error message next to the line where it occurs and a Sublime-like error icon in the gutter (next to the line number)

5. Git Graph

by Mhutchie

If your working with code I assume you use a repository to safely store it. Git graph adds another dimension to the way you use the VS Code. It adds a nice user interface of your Git history and adds the ability to create/checkout new branches with the click of a button.

6. GitLens Git supercharged

by Eric Amodio

This extension has at the time of writing already has more than 5 million downloads! This extension is not only a game-changer it makes sure you use Git in other ways you normally wouldn’t have used it within your CLI.

7. Python Preview

by Dongli

This extension is really simple but extremely handy. It brings a visual view to VSCode for Python, which makes debugging code far simpler and likely quite a bit faster.


by Alessandro Fragnani

This extension lets you bookmark locations in your code, easily list all your bookmarks in a sidebar, and move between them with keyboard shortcuts.

9. TODO Highlight

by Wayou Liu

Highlights all TODO/FIXME/NOTE in the code, so you can easily spot them. You can easily customize it by adding new words and changing the highlight style.

10. Python Indent

by Kevin Rose

Every time you press the Enter key in a python context, this extension will parse your python file up to the location of your cursor, and determine exactly how much the next line (or two in the case of hanging indents) should be indented and how much nearby lines should be un-indented.

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