Angular 11 just released

Angular 11 just released:


Yes, the Angular version 11 just released as well as Angular CLI and Angular Material. I am really excited about that and I hope you too 🥳

Here is quick overview

✅ Automatic Inlining of Fonts – Angular CLI now inline fonts automatically for you to speed up the first contentful paint

✅ Component Test Harnesses – test harness now available for all Angular Material Components to simplify tests cases

✅ Improved Reporting and Logging in Angular CLI – Angular CLI console output is more easier to read and it looks more informative

✅ New Hot Module Replacement (HMR) Support – ng serve --hmr is all you need to run the HMR, no code changes required

✅ Faster Builds – faster dependencies install and faster TypeScript compilation

✅ Webpack 5 Support (experimental) – you can opt in for Webpack 5 but remember it is experimental and you need to use yarn for that.

✅ Updated Angular Roadmap – current Angular Team priorities

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