Introducing is a new GTK (graphic toolkit) that empowers web developers to create semantic 3d graphics using simple html, javascript, and assembly script. Based on the THREE.js 3d library, Lume gives you general-purpose HTML Elements for defining 2D or 3D scenes rendered with CSS3D, WebGL, or both mixed together.

Lume’s “mixed mode” let’s us combine traditional HTML elements styled with CSS with new elements that render with WebGL, which means we can render both traditional HTML content and 3D models together in the same 3D space, with lighting and shadow effects on both.

Lume is built on the Web Component standards, making it possible to write 3D scenes declaratively using custom HTML elements, regardless of which view layer you prefer. This makes it possible for you write 3D scenes using popular HTML frameworks like (but not limited to) React, Vue.js, Meteor, Angular, Ember.js, or even the great jQuery.

One huge feature of Lume Elements is the ability to develop reactive fluid layouts that are interactive using standard javascript events. Without additional code or prior 3d programming knowledge.

Huge shoutout to the team putting AssemblyScript together. Absolutely some of the most amazing work happening in the open source community. And if your new to AS make sure to stop over at their website

from Tumblr

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