Automate Netlify deployments with Zapier

Automate Netlify deployments with Zapier:


This button is literally all that needs to be pressed.

Zapier auto-deploy Netlify

Luckily for us Zapier the amazing automation collection tool has a Netlify integration!

We can use Zapier to trigger a deployment on set times.

Head over to the Zapier website and signup for a free account.

Once you created the account, you’ll be brought to your dashboard where we can create a new Zap.

We will need a scheduled event to trigger the Netlify deployment.
So pick the Schedule button or search for the Zapier Schedule event.

I want this schedule to trigger every day, so in the next selection pick every day.

You can then state if it should run on weekends, and what time you want the trigger to run.
I post even in the weekends, so yes, and want it auto deployed every morning at 07:00 SAST.

For the action, we search for Netlify.

There is only one action and that is Start Deploy.

On the next screen, you are asked to sign in to your Netlify account.

After connecting you can choose for which site your action should run.

We can then test our actions.

If we head over to our Netlify deploy section we should see the deployment.

It worked, we now auto-trigger a Netlify deploy using a Zapier scheduled time hook.

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