Create a More Meaningful Space With Artifox’s Work From Home Collection

Create a More Meaningful Space With Artifox’s Work From Home Collection:


Still working from home? The coffee table with a stack of books holding up your laptop is probably getting a bit old by now. (We speak from experience.) Artifoxand their simple, high design wants to help us all create more meaningful spaces where we live and work, and they’ve recently released a handful of new products geared just for that. The Work From Home Collection includes a solid table that functions beautifully as a desk, an entryway bench, desktop organizing storage, wall-mounted shelves and wall hooks.

Table in Walnut

Mentioned above, Table is a great piece of furniture that pulls double duty as workspace and gathering area and then some. Made from solid hardwood, aluminum and steel, it also has some clever features, like two reconfigurable cable grids and leather bands to keep cords organized. Available in walnut and white oak.

Table in Walnut

Table in White Oak

Mini Shelf in Black

Mini Shelf can be used everywhere from the office to the kitchen and everywhere in between – it’s just that versatile. Use it to hold devices while they charge, to hold books bedside or to corral your most used spices in the kitchen. Pegs, Bands and other accessories to customize the Mini Shelf are sold separately. Available in black and white.

Mini Shelf in White

Bench in White Oak

Yet another cleverly designed piece is Bench. Made from solid hardwood, aluminum and steel, it contains a variety of storage and display solutions. The canvas scroll can hold laptops and magazines, while a steel tray is a great perch for tech devices (you can even hide your cables). Available in walnut and white oak.

Bench in Walnut

Hook in White

Aluminum and acrylic team up to give Hook the ability to hold up to 15 lbs of weight, so pile your heaviest winter coats and bags right on. A flush-mount design attaches directly to the wall, and hides its own fasteners for a clean minimal look. Available in white, smoke and mist.

Hook in Smoke

Acrylic Collection in Smoke

To organize your space, there’s the Acrylic Collection of storage solutions. The series includes a magazine holder, paper tray and vessel. Use the vessel to keep pens together or as a planter, the paper tray to keep proposals or permission slips in order and the magazine holder for magazines or sketchbooks and notebooks you reach for often. The collection is available in smoke and mist.

Acrylic Collection in Mist

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