Dial up Your Walls With Graphic – Manifesto Wallpaper

Dial up Your Walls With Graphic – Manifesto Wallpaper:


Look at Or.nami’s new wallpaper collection – Graphic – Manifesto – long enough and you might surmise the influence behind Terzo Piano’s designs. The original collection of wallpaper with bold, graphic patterns is an homage to contemporary and metropolitan architecture as observed from a detached viewpoint and just waiting to dial up your walls.

The reinterpreted patterns in Graphic – Manifesto include vertical and horizontal elements, hatch, pointillism, braiding and lattice designs, all smart choices for powerful harmony and use of color. The wallpaper house’s latest features four patterns, each available in two color palettes, on vinyl or pure silk in standard dimensions. The high contrast and clean lines in each appeal to those who favor a more formal contemporary aesthetic as well as those who are drawn to the wallpaper’s cleverly deceptive perspectives and bold statements.

Gabriella Fusillo, founder and artistic director of Or.nami

To learn more about the Graphic – Manifesto wallpaper collection, visit ornami.it.

from Tumblr https://generouspiratequeen.tumblr.com/post/640126458088603648

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