7 Unique APIs for your next project

7 Unique APIs for your next project:

1. Shodan API

You can think of Shodan as Google for every device connected to the internet. They crawl the web and catalog devices. You can sign up for a developer account and programmatically access their data and filter based on numerous factors. Some things people have found exposed and unsecured on Shodan:

  • A French hydroelectric plant control system
  • entire cities transportation grids
  • databases
  • industrial freezers with 10’s of thousands of dollars in goods
  • car washes that can be remotely shut down

With Shodan you are really only limited by your imagination, just make sure you don’t get yourself arrested.

2. Radar.io API

Radar provides an API that makes it easy to implement various features related to maps and location. With just a few lines of code you can add real-time location tracking, geofencing, and Google Maps like direction and places features.

3. WebHose API

WebHose basically scrapes the entire internet and then organizes the content to make it easily accessible via API. You can query their data using a huge amount of filters. For example, if you want to find the most popular blog post written in the last month about Javascript, you can request that via API and then sort by the number of times it was shared on Facebook or LinkedIn.

A number of companies use WebHose to see where they are being mentioned online and monitor trends.

4. People Data Labs

This API is kind of creepy, but also interesting. I’m not exactly sure how they acquire their data but People Data labs allows you to “enrich” profiles of users on your app.

For example if somebody signs up to your app with just an email, you could send that email to PDL’s API and it would return a bunch of additional information like:

  • job title
  • social media profiles
  • skills
  • employer
  • much more

This could be used to help score leads for your sales team, if a Vice President at Google signs up for your app, you probably want to prioritize talking to them and see if you can make some money.

5. Crawlera

Lots of beginner tutorials show how to make bots and web scrapers but most sites will block you very quickly. Crawlera is a service created by the people who made the popular python scraping library Scrapy.

Crawlera automatically rotates IP addresses and makes it look like your scraper is coming from real people rather than an automated program. This allows you to scrape sites like Google and Amazon.

Project Idea – Make a Amazon product price tracker, with Crawlera you can schedule your bot to check the listing page every few minutes and update users.

6. SpaceX API

A pretty simple API compared to the other ones, but still interesting I think. Just hit the endpoint from your app and retrieve all sorts of data related to SpaceX launches and rockets.

Project Idea – Make a dashboard with ReactJS that lets users explore the data provided by the API

7. Segment

Segment is used to connect data sources from various apps and technologies. Instead of having to build and maintain all these connections between data sources yourself, you just need to work with Segment’s API.


If you think I forget any APIs let me know. Also I’d love to see people brainstorming cool ideas in the comments below.

from Tumblr https://generouspiratequeen.tumblr.com/post/640998457187893248

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