Trish Andersen Digitally Printed Floor Mats Are Wildly Colorful and Washable

Trish Andersen Digitally Printed Floor Mats Are Wildly Colorful and Washable:


Fancy a shag…rug? We’ve definitely taken a fancy with textile designer Trish Andersen’s collection of digitally printed floor mats, each offering a riotous colorful reinterpretation of her intricate hand-tufted yarn artwork made into affordable and washable designs intended for everyday indoor or outdoor use.

While Andersen’s body of textile art is comprised of intricate compositions of colors, shapes and textures realized in yarn – each intended to grace walls – she’s used digital printing to offer the same aesthetics with more durable intent and a fairly affordable price.

The Brooklyn based designer originally hails from the “carpet capital of the world”, Dalton, Georgia.

Available in three sizes – Large (46 inches x 66 inches), Runner (25 inches x 60 inches), and Small (23 inches x 36 inches) – and priced between $78 to $188 each, the digitally printed polyester floor coverings are backed with skid-resistant rubber and can be easily washed or swept without damage, making them suitable for rooms like the kitchen, bathroom, stairs and even outdoors.

Andersen’s Instagram feed is populated with numerous photographs documenting how owners have integrated her colorfully expressed designs into their own homes, inspiring thoughts about how to inject color and texture throughout the home with unapologetic aplomb.

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