How to install Gitflow on Windows

How to install Gitflow on Windows:


Gitflow is the most popular workflow for managing Git branches and integrating hotfixes, development branches and finally release branches into production. However Gitflow isn’t bundled with the Git installation, so if you want to use it, you need to install it yourself.

The installation of Gitflow on Ubuntu is a lead-pipe cinch. You just issue an apt install command and you’re good to go:

apt install git-flow

How to install Gitflow

Unfortunately, the Windows Gitflow install isn’t quite as simple. To install Gitflow on Windows, follow these steps:

  1. Download both the bin and dependency files for GnuWin from SourceForge
  2. Extract the contents of the GnuWin downloads to a temp folder
  3. From the extracted bin folder, copy these three files to Git’s bin directory:
    1. libintl3.dll
    2. libiconv2.dll
    3. getopt.exe
  4. Run the following command from your Git installation folder:
    • git clone --recursive git://
  5. Open a command window with Administrative in the contrib folder of the cloned repo
  6. Run the following command, pointing to Git’s installation root:
    • msysgit-install.cmd "C:\Program Files\Git"
  7. Run git flow version to verify the Windows Gitflow install

When you complete these Windows Gitflow installation steps, the the Gitflow tool will be available through the git utility when accessed through the command line.

install Gitflow Windows

The Windows Gitflow install requires GnuWin utilities to be downloaded and the Git Flow project to be cloned.

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